Free Gas Pump Stickers!

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Macsmind picks up on a post by Atlas Shrugs of some photos I took at my local gas station I sent her. More photos are here.

Anyway, this idea has spawned someone to make free gas pump stickers for your printing pleasure. Enjoy.

Mark Levin gave one of Atlas’ readers an idea. He taped some pictures to the local gas pump.

The illustrations depict Congressional Democrats who’ve forced Americans to buy oil from the Middle East by criminalizing oil exploration in the U.S.

Need some to call your own? Click to zoom and then print away.

Here are closeups of all three versions (regular, extra, and premium).

Remember: only tape these to gas pumps if you have the owner’s permission.


The ‘3 Grades of “NO”‘

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I heard The Great One, Mark Levin say on his radio show one day that he wished there was a way that we could put something at the gas pumps to let people know who’s to blame for the high gas prices.

I think I also heard him say that he wished there was a way we could put Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama’s pictures on the gas pumps so when people filled up they’d see the faces of the people responsible for the high prices.

After hearing this, I got an idea.

So I payed a visit to my local Exxon station. I scoped out the gas pumps, took some measurements, and devised a plan. (Not before instructing my family to send out an rescue team for me if they didn’t hear from after an hour.)

After I decided on the best way to execute my covert plan I sprung into action.

I printed out pictures of the three aforementioned fiends to correspond with the measurements I took at the pump.

I made sure the pictures would blend in nicely to the dimensions on the gas pump.

With pictures in hand, a role of scotch tape, and my digital camera, I drove up to my local Exxon station.

Parked my truck as if I were filling-up as I do once a week.

I stuck the pictures to the designated areas on the pump and started shooting with my digital camera.

The series is called, ‘3 Grades of “NO”.’ Enjoy!

[Click on photos to enlarge]

Do all Democrats have big ears? Or is it just the leadership?

After I was finished shooting I left the photos on the pump as they are in the picture directly above. Later today I will go back and check to see if they are still there.

I will post more pictures later as well. Check back for updates.

If anybody is interested in the measurements of the pictures so that you too can deface a gas pump drop me an email at coffee260 – at – gmail – dot – com.

Quote of the day

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Ralph Peters writes in the NYPost,

“All decent men want peace. But wise men know that not all men are decent.”


DEM SHOCKER!!… Speaker Pelosi Was Sending Messages to FARC Terrorists While Undermining Colombian Government!

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Gateway Pundit gives us this:

DEM SHOCKER!!… Speaker Pelosi Was Sending Messages to FARC Terrorists While Undermining Colombian Government!


New information reveals that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was indirectly sending messages to the FARC. The Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is designated as a terrorist group by the US government. Speaker Pelosi was doing this while at the same time she refused to bring a free trade agreement with Colombia up for a vote in the US House. In fact, Pelosi took extraordinary steps to block this trade agreement with America’s closest ally in South America.

Colombian Sen. Piedad Cordoba (left) is currently under investigation by the Colombian attorney general for ties to the FARC. Cordoba claims that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was sending messages to the FARC terrorists. Cordoba also claimed during FARC negotiations that Pelosi had assigned Rep. Jim McGovern, as the point man. Captured FARC documents confirmed in March that Mr. McGovern had been working with an American go-between, who had been offering the rebels help in undermining Colombia’s elected and popular government.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the confiscated FARC documents that implicated Rep. McGovern back in March:

The Reyes hard drive reveals an ardent effort to do business directly with the FARC by Congressman James McGovern (D., Mass.), a leading opponent of the free-trade deal. Mr. McGovern has been working with an American go-between, who has been offering the rebels help in undermining Colombia’s elected and popular government.

Mr. McGovern’s press office says the Congressman is merely working at the behest of families whose relatives are held as FARC kidnap hostages. However, his go-between’s letters reveal more than routine intervention.

Now, today we find out who was directing Rep. McGovern–
Speaker Pelosi!
Mary Anastasia O’Grady at The Wall Street Journal reported:

Last fall, Mr. Chávez and the FARC hatched an audacious plan whereby the Venezuelan would take “proof of life” of Ms. Betancourt to French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris, where the plight of Ms. Betancourt was a cause célèbre. The rebels wrote that Mr. Chávez was sure French pressure for negotiations would cause President Bush to “order Uribe to allow the meeting” between Mr. Chávez and the rebels on Colombian soil, something Mr. Uribe had refused to do. The rebels reported that Mr. Chávez was “super-motivated,” because he viewed the rendezvous as a public-relations coup that would give him and the FARC “continental and world renown.”

That plan flopped, but Mr. Chavez had other cards up his sleeve. One involved Colombian Sen. Piedad Cordoba, who is currently under investigation by the Colombian attorney general for ties to the FARC. She figures prominently in the captured rebel documents, and is notoriously close to Mr. Chávez.

She met at the Venezuelan presidential palace with FARC leaders last fall. From that meeting the rebels reported that “Piedad says that Chávez has Uribe going crazy. He doesn’t know what to do. That Nancy Pelosi helps and is ready to help in the swap [hostages in exchange for captured guerrillas]. That she has designated [U.S. Congressman Jim] McGovern for this.

If the speaker of the House was working with Ms. Cordoba in this scheme, her judgment was more than a little misguided. The rebels write that on a trip to Argentina Ms. Cordoba told them, “It doesn’t matter to me the proposal that Sarkozy has made to free Ingrid. Above all, do not liberate Ingrid.” In short, why give up such a useful pawn?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (C), senior FARC rebel commander Ivan Marquez (L) of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and Colombian senator Piedad Cordoba walk at Miraflores Palace in Caracas November 8, 2007. (Reuters)

Don Surber believes it is time someone reined the Queen Bee in.

Captured FARC Documents Link Democrats to Terror Group
Busted!… Democratic Point Man on Colombia Caught Dealing With FARC
Interpol Confirms Authenticity Of Raul Reyes’s Computer Files
Interpol Confirms: US Democrat Was Secretly Working With FARC
MEDIA IGNORES Rep. McGovern Was Secretly Communicating With FARC
FARC Connections to German Leftists & US Democrats Exposed
Will the Colombian Hostage Rescue Expose the Democrat’s Links to FARC?

Murtha Does It Again!… Says US Troops Just Break Down Doors & Kill Innocents (Video)

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Gateway Pundit posts:

What’s wrong with Pennsylvania?
Have they no shame?
How do they keep voting for this antiwar, anti-military detestable gasbag?
(Here’s some advice to wcbstv— Murtha is not a “strong defense advocate.” He is a selfish man who has made it a habit of slandering the US troops at war!)

Democrat John Murtha does it again
Murtha admits the surge is working but only because the terrorists “are worn out” and American troops aren’t just beating down doors and killing innocents!

Here’s the video:

A WilleyBCoyote Video.
Here is what Murtha says:

Murtha: I think they have 17 or so guidelines and they’ve solved 4 or 5 of them.
(Actually they’ve completed 15 of the 18 benchmarks.)

Murtha: I think the short term it (the Bush Surge) has reduced incidents. I’m not sure if it’s because the Iraqis are just worn out but certainly the way they are doing it today it makes a big difference. It used to be we broke down doors. We went in and we killed people inadvertantly. Now they’re much more careful about it.

And, just think…
This hateful boob is the national security “expert” in the Democratic Party!
Blackfive adds: “And they wonder why no one takes them seriously in those areas???”

And, Murtha still has not apologized to the 7 innocent Haditha Marines he accused of cold-blooded murder last time.

Let’s hope justice is served against this hateful man some day soon. Murtha put those Haditha Marines through hell these past few years and he isn’t man enough to apologize to them.
He is a coward.

UPDATE: Murtha’s opponent this year for Congress is Lt. Colonel William Russell a decorated combat veteran who has served in Desert Storm, the Iraq War, and the Pentagon on 9/11.
You can donate to his campaign HERE.

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