FREEPER, It’s time for action

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Dear Freeper,

America needs your help electing John McCain and Sarah Palin as the president and vice president of the United States in November. And you can help.

If you are like me you feel helpless when it comes to media bias. The deck is clearly stacked against conservatives. But now is not the time to hang your head. Now is the time to take action.

First, do not let the media get you down. And if you are like me it’s hard staying up beat and optimistic. But now is not the time for whiners. Now is the time for action.

If you have noticed, the media has been trying to demoralize republicans. And for the most part it has worked. But now after watching the debate last night between Gov. Palin and Senator Biden I am here to tell you we will win.

That’s right, we will win this election. But it’s up to you and me now. It is up to us to turn the tables on the liberals in the media and the democrats. It’s time for you to make every effort possible not to stay silent. In order for bad people to prevail it takes good people to do nothing.

Over the last 2 weeks it became clear to me that our silence is a self feeding paradox. The media spits out bad and depressing news and we get depressed and stay silent. The more depressing news they spit out the more silent we become. And on and on and on…

They sense when they have us on the ropes. But they also sense when we are fighting back which easily brings them to their knees. Just by our silence, the liberals become emboldened. Remember, they are cowards by nature.

How to make a difference? One person does not an Army make. But one forum, Freerepublic’s Freepers, does a formidable fighting force emerge. In numbers we can make a huge difference in the media coverage. Here is how.

Take last nights debate for example, how many of you would be more inclined to write CNN or ABC or CBS if you knew thousands of like minded people did the same thing? I predict almost all of you. And that’s why I am calling on all freepers to take an oath to promise to make at least one correspondence a day with regard to defending conservatism, McCain/Palin or anything else that is vital to America.

I have some good news. It doesn’t take thousands of people to make a difference although it doesn’t hurt. Here’s what I mean.

There is a theory out there amongst people in government and in the media that goes like this. Whenever they get a complaint on an issue. For every one complaint, email, or phone call they receive 1,000 other people who feel the same way didn’t complain, email or make a phone call. Here’s the secret. They do not take complaints serious unless they receive at least 40 calls. Meaning that those 40 complaints roughly represent 40,000 people who feel the same way but didn’t take the time to complain.

That is why I need 40 freepers, at least, to take an oath. Here it is:

I Hereby pledge, that to the best of my ability, that on a daily basis I will write at least one email to a major media outlet expressing my support for conservatism, the McCain/Palin ticket and my belief that the election is all but won by McCain/Palin.

And in my correspondence I will include my strong belief that John McCain will win the Presidency in November and that Sarah Palin is a fantastic Vice Presidential choice with more experience than Barack Obama.

I will not let the media dictate my outlook on this election. And I will do everything I can to make my views public.

I will stand up for my principles every chance I can. And I will not let any attack on McCain or Palin go without response.

This pledge is important for one very simple reason. So that every person who takes it knows they are not alone. And that every time they write an email to CNN or CBS that there is a great chance they are not the only ones. This is highly motivating and very effective. (Keep in mind, if you write an email or send in a comment, the more respectful you are the more impact you’ll have. Especially if the number of respectful emails and comments reach into the hundreds.)

My fellow Freepers, do you recall the way the media was demoralized after the Republican convention? Well it’s time to demoralize them again. And if you think it was just Gov. Palin’s speech that demoralized them you are wrong. It was all the emails and letters they received from people like you and me.

Time to take the gloves off and fight back. Who’s with me?

P.S. I need any help I can get from anybody willing to assist me on this. If you are willing to help or have any suggestions email me at


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