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When a new president comes into office, especially when winning a clear majority of the vote, he inherently has a certain amount of political capital. It’s sorta like that first paycheck you receive from your band new job.

And like that paycheck, you have to weigh your priorities and decide what you will do with it. How will you divvy it up? Which bills do you pay, if any? Or do you buy that new X-BOX video console game you’ve been dying for? Your future basically depends on what decision you make.

On the one hand you have the electricity bill, the phone bill, the mortgage payment, your car payment, and groceries. On the other hand your whole life of entertainment hinges on whether or not you buy “An official Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing that tells time“…oops, sorry…that X-BOX. One way or the other you are about to shape your future. You pay or you play.

Our new president had a similar decision when he first took office. He received his proverbial first political paycheck–his political capital–after moving into his new job.

While inheriting a financial mess, he had tough decisions to make. Does he use his political capital to pay the bills, I.E. fix the financial crisis? Or does he buy that Red Ryder BB Gu…dang it…X-BOX? (Sorry about that. I keep having flash backs from the movie Christmas Story where Ralphie’s mom told him, after he asked for a BB gun for Christmas, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” I get the feeling somebody should have warned the new president as much.)

President Obama’s X-BOX, however, is much more expensive and much less entertaining. He wants to socialize medicine, impose cap & trade laws, and pass laws that will grow government to an all time high. Trillions of dollars is what his proverbial X-BOX will cost. (If only he had asked for a Red Rider BB gun.)

Needless to say, Obama chose the X-BOX. This points out his misplaced priorities. Instead of paying his bills, which amounted to spending his political capital fixing the financial crisis. Which by any measure, would have used up almost all his political capital. He bought an X-BOX or what some are calling a stimulus package, TARP 2.0, pork ladened Omnibus, and a 3.6 trillion dollar budget that could buy 8.75 billion X-BOX’s or 50 billion Red Ryder BB Guns. (I’d have voted for Ralphie. At least he was willing to fight the Black Bart.)

What the president’s lack of executive experience has given him is the illusion of having his X-BOX while ignoring his bills. We have our first X-BOX president and we are all about to pay to play.


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