Democrats Don’t Count

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What do Republicans Scott McClellan, Colin Powell, Nancy Reagan, and Democrats Susan Estrich, Pollsters Doug Schoen, and Pat Caddell all have in common? They all at one time or another have opposed their own political party in one major form or another over policy or strategy.

Now, what’s different about these people besides their political affiliations? Take a guess. Yep your correct. The media have held up the first three as beacons of reason and speaking truth to power. The latter three couldn’t be identified in a police line up if all their were was smurfs in one of the three to choose from. (Although Pat Caddell could pass as Papa Smurf when he doesn’t shave.)

Ask yourself, how many Sunday talkshow programs, cable news programs, and newspaper banner headlines have you seen with at least one of the three republicans as a featured guest or topic?

For example, take this banner headline in the LA Times, “Former press secretary Scott McClellan turns against President Bush”. Now chances are you’ve seen this terd on television either on cable news or on CSPAN incoherently babbling on about something or another. But have you seen the same attention given to any one of the three democrats? Of course not.

Then there’s Collin Powell, the new Republican. He endorsed Barack Obama for president at a strategically crucial time when it could do the most damage to Senator McCain’s chances in 2008. Of course you know him. He’s the republican who is on Sunday talk shows telling America they want bigger government and they want to pay higher taxes. He’s the liberal media’s model republican. (McCain used to hold that position until he dared challenge their Messiah for President.)

And Nancy Reagan, whom by the way, is a Lovely Lovely Lady. Not to mention the Gippers second half for almost 52 years. The way I see it she was partly what made Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan. And that’s good enough for me.

But it isn’t good enough for the liberal media. They use her as a baseball bat to club republicans for not supporting federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. Its not that they love her so much. Its that she drives a wedge, so the media thinks, between republicans and conservatives.

Now lets have a look at Susan Estrich. She is an American lawyer, professor, author, [Democratic] political operative, feminist advocate, and political commentator for Fox News. Not to mention, in 1988, she was the campaign manager for Michael Dukakis‘ 1988 presidential run. She was very outspoken during the 2008 presidential race, and supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Have you seen her on television lately?

There is no way you can call her a conservative. But when it comes to President Obama’s health care reform ideas she is a very outspoken critic. Oh, I know you haven’t heard her criticism. The liberal media only hold up republicans who turn on their party. Democrats are ignored or attacked for doing the same. You can read her criticism’s here here here and here.

The last two people on the list, pollsters Doug Schoen, and Pat Caddell, staunch democrats both, are also being ignored for their opposition to Obamacare.

This double standard, as if we needed another example, sheds light on how the media can shape the debate by who they hold up and who they don’t. And if we are going to have a real national debate on health care and health care reform. All opinions should be heard. Not just the ones the liberals in the media agree with, but all opinions. To do anything less is manipulative and highly deceptive, especially on such an important topic such as health care.


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