The vision of this website is that black Americans will become more aware of the history with regard to the political party they support overwhelmingly by 90%.  By doing so, they can seize control over their own destiny and come back home to the Republican party.



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  1. Bro, what do you mean they were the strongarm? Every time the dems are afraid of losing a place, the KKK comes out to ‘support the conservative’. Then, the conservative loses. Or the Nazi Party comes out like they did in Toledo when Toledo was going conservative. If that doesn’t work, like Oregon and South Carolina, they come out shooting and blame it on conservatives., If you think they don’t have the brass, especially with a weird news media on their side, then you ignore history. How many thousands burned alive when the dems bombs 4 US cities in 1921? Carlisle Indian School. Joe Kennedy marching to the music of the Nazi Party. And the Nazi Party in the US is no less guilty than the KKK. How many women and kids are slaves because the dems call it a low-priority issue? half-million? More?
    I wish God’s peace on you, but prepare for a struggle like we knew for over a century after Sherman marched thru Georgia. A struggle condensed..

  2. democrats are the scum of the earth.

    • You are too kind 🙂 Demoncats, jackass party, slavery party, neonazis, greed, bigotry party, and the list goes on.

  3. what you are talking about here on this site are dixiecrats. the people who supported all this stuff switched over to republicans in the sixties during the fight for civil rights after strom thurmond switched parties and took all the southern “democrats” with him to the modern republican party that it is today. i dont see this information anywhere here, why is that?

  4. Didn’t the parties switch though? Those horrible crimes were done by southerners, confederate waving folks, who do they vote for now? the republican party.
    I’m not a democrat or republican, I’m independent. Both parties are nothing like 150 years ago. The KKK’s mantra is a “White Christian America”, they would not vote for liberals and against Trump’s wall to deport illegal immigrants out, and restriction on muslim migration.

  5. Do you think the KKK would vote for liberals?
    I don’t see KKK voting for Obama. There are videos on youtube, KKK dislike for Obama.

  6. You approve comments here? I don’t see my comment posted. Do you believe in free speech or not?

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