The ‘3 Grades of “NO”‘

July 18, 2008 at 3:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I heard The Great One, Mark Levin say on his radio show one day that he wished there was a way that we could put something at the gas pumps to let people know who’s to blame for the high gas prices.

I think I also heard him say that he wished there was a way we could put Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama’s pictures on the gas pumps so when people filled up they’d see the faces of the people responsible for the high prices.

After hearing this, I got an idea.

So I payed a visit to my local Exxon station. I scoped out the gas pumps, took some measurements, and devised a plan. (Not before instructing my family to send out an rescue team for me if they didn’t hear from after an hour.)

After I decided on the best way to execute my covert plan I sprung into action.

I printed out pictures of the three aforementioned fiends to correspond with the measurements I took at the pump.

I made sure the pictures would blend in nicely to the dimensions on the gas pump.

With pictures in hand, a role of scotch tape, and my digital camera, I drove up to my local Exxon station.

Parked my truck as if I were filling-up as I do once a week.

I stuck the pictures to the designated areas on the pump and started shooting with my digital camera.

The series is called, ‘3 Grades of “NO”.’ Enjoy!

[Click on photos to enlarge]

Do all Democrats have big ears? Or is it just the leadership?

After I was finished shooting I left the photos on the pump as they are in the picture directly above. Later today I will go back and check to see if they are still there.

I will post more pictures later as well. Check back for updates.

If anybody is interested in the measurements of the pictures so that you too can deface a gas pump drop me an email at coffee260 – at – gmail – dot – com.


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