The KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.

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Our nation’s top historians reveal that the Democratic Party gave us the Ku Klux Klan, Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and other repressive legislation which resulted in the multitude of murders, lynchings, mutilations, and intimidations (of thousands of black and white Republicans). On the issue of slavery: historians say the Democrats gave their lives to expand it, the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.

The Democrats:
  • Democrats fought to expand slavery while Republicans fought to end it.
  • Democrats passed those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws.
  • Democrats supported and passed the Missouri Compromise to protect slavery.
  • Democrats supported and passed the Kansas Nebraska Act to expand slavery.
  • Democrats supported and backed the Dred Scott Decision.
  • Democrats opposed educating blacks and murdered our teachers.
  • Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws.
  • Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, is well known for having been a “Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage.
  • Democrats passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil right laws enacted by Republicans.
  • Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican, because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks.
  • Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, reintroduced segregation throughout the federal government immediately upon taking office in 1913.
  • Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first appointment to the Supreme Court was a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, Sen. Hugo Black, Democrat of Alabama.
  • Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s choice for vice president in 1944 was Harry Truman, who had joined the Ku Klux Klan in Kansas City in 1922.
  • Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt resisted Republican efforts to pass a federal law against lynching.
  • Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt opposed integration of the armed forces.
  • Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd were the chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  • Democrats supported and backed Judge John Ferguson in the case of Plessy v Ferguson.
  • Democrats supported the School Board of Topeka Kansas in the case of Brown v The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas.
  • Democrat public safety commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor, in Birmingham, Ala., unleashed vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators.
  • Democrats were who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other protesters were fighting.
  • Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox “brandished an ax hammer to prevent blacks from patronizing his restaurant.
  • Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963, declaring there would be segregation forever.
  • Democrat Arkansas Governor Faubus tried to prevent desegregation of Little Rock public schools.
  • Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act.
  • Democrat President John F. Kennedy opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King.
  • Democrat President John F. Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI.
  • Democrat President Bill Clinton’s mentor was U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, an Arkansas Democrat and a supporter of racial segregation.
  • Democrat President Bill Clinton interned for J. William Fulbright in 1966-67.
  • Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright signed the Southern Manifesto opposing the Supreme Court’s 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision.
  • Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright joined with the Dixiecrats in filibustering the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964.
  • Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
  • Southern Democrats opposed desegregation and integration.

Democrats opposed:

  1. The Emancipation Proclamation
  2. The 13th Amendment
  3. The 14th Amendment
  4. The 15th Amendment
  5. The Reconstruction Act of 1867
  6. The Civil Rights of 1866
  7. The Enforcement Act of 1870
  8. The Forced Act of 1871
  9. The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
  10. The Civil Rights Act of 1875
  11. The Freeman Bureau
  12. The Civil Rights Act of 1957
  13. The Civil Rights Act of 1960
  14. The United State Civil Rights Commission

Republicans gave strong bi-partisan support and sponsorship for the following

  1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964
  2. The Voting Rights Act of 1965
  3. The 1968 Civil Rights Acts
  4. The Equal Opportunity Act of 1972
  5. Goals and Timetables for Affirmative Action Programs
  6. Comprehensive Employment Training Act of 1973
  7. Voting Rights Act of Amendment of 1982
  8. Civil Rights Act of 1983
  9. Federal Contract Compliance and Workforce Development Act of 1988
The Republicans:
  • Republicans enacted civil rights laws in the 1950’s and 1960’s, over the objection of Democrats.
  • Republicans founded the HBCU’s (Historical Black College’s and Universities) and started the NAACP to counter the racist practices of the Democrats.
  • Republicans pushed through much of the ground-breaking civil rights legislation in Congress.
  • Republicans fought slavery and amended the Constitution to grant blacks freedom, citizenship and the right to vote.
  • Republicans pushed through much of the groundbreaking civil rights legislation from the 1860s through the 1960s.
  • Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sent troops into the South to desegregate the schools.
  • Republican President Eisenhower appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to the Supreme Court, which resulted in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision.
  • Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois, not Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, was the one who pushed through the civil rights laws of the 1960’s.
  • Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois wrote the language for the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
  • Republican Senator Everett Dirksen from Illinois also crafted the language for the Civil Rights Act of 1968 which prohibited discrimination in housing.
  • Republican and black American, A. Phillip Randolph, organized the 1963 March by Dr. King on Washington.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act Roll Call Vote: In the House, only 64 percent of the Democrats (153 yes, 91 no), but 80 percent of the Republicans (136 yes, 35 no), voted for it. In the Senate, while only 68 percent of the Democrats endorsed the bill (46 yes, 21 no), 82 percent of the Republicans voted to enact it (27 yes, 6 no).

Thaddeus Stevens, a Radical Republican that introduced legislation to give African Americans the so-called 40 acres and a mule and Democrats overwhelmingly voted against the bill.

During the Senate debates on the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, it was revealed that members of the Democratic Party formed many terrorist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan to murder and intimidate African Americans voters. The Ku Klux Klan Act was a bill introduced by a Republican Congress to stop Klan Activities.

History reveals that Democrats lynched, burned, mutilated and murdered thousands of blacks and completely destroyed entire towns and communities occupied by middle class Blacks, including Rosewood, Florida, the Greenwood District in Tulsa Oklahoma, and Wilmington, North Carolina to name a few.

History reveals that it was Abolitionists and Radical Republicans such as Henry L. Morehouse and General Oliver Howard that started many of the traditional Black colleges, while Democrats fought to keep them closed. Many of our traditional Black colleges are named after white Republicans.

After exclusively giving the Democrats their votes for the past 25 years, the average African American cannot point to one piece of civil rights legislation sponsored solely by the Democratic Party that was specifically designed to eradicate the unique problems that African Americans face today.

As of 2004, the Democrat Party (the oldest political party in America) has never elected a black man to the United States Senate, the Republicans have elected three.


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    • Stop telling lies. Lying is a sin.

      • Who those “Democrats” were then is not who they are now, just as the Republicans of Lincoln, are not the Republicans in the present day. The Democrats then, are the Dixiecrats, or Blue Dogs today, who are the Republicans in Democrat’s clothing! They vote Republican, attend Republican functions, and they speak at Republican events! They are the ones who wave the Confederate flag; you would never find a true Democrat waving the Confederate flag! And you would never find a Confederate flag waver voting Democratic! To drege up the fact that a group was named something long ago, is absurd! It is their beliefs and actions of today that are important! The Republicans no longer are the ecology, conservation minded party they were previously, either. They are devolving, instead of evolving! The parties go through many incarnations! People switch parties when the party’s ideals change. They switch them to fit their own current beliefs and values. Look at Megan McCain: she has much more Progressive values and beliefs than most of the Republicans, and she has said that she and her father disagree on many issues. She is pro gay marriage and gay rights. I believe she is trying to modify the Republicans, but frankly, I think she is beating a dead horse; and it will never happen. I am curious, just what this “revelation” about the “Democrats” of the South, who are the Blue Dogs, and Republicans of today proves! A name is nothing; it is the intent and actions of the people that counts! The TRUE Democrats of today are the Democrats of civil rights and caring for the rights and the welfare of all people! Do you honestly think Democrats are believers in lynchings? Do you truly think they would step on people’s rights? Frankly, people of those mindsets TODAY, DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRATIC! It is so sad and desperate to bring up this tired history that is not relevant today. If your great grandfather was a horse thief, and you are an honest, hard working doctor; would it be fair to have people point fingers at you and call you, “horse thief?” It is the actions and intent of the people, or groups today that is relevant; not what happened years ago with people who are all gone! Do you really believe that members of the KKK today vote Democrat? I would be ASTONISHED and WOULD BET MY LIFE TO SAY NO! I think it is a “SIN” to do this kind of smear job on Democrats, when you know that no Democrat in the party today would ever condone behavior of the people of long ago who called themselves “Democrat!” Today is what is important; not yesterday! I believe this is an absurd, and transparent attempt to have African Americans become alarmed and vote Republican! That is an insult to those people, that you think they are dumb enough to be horrified by this “revelation!” How old is this historical data? Why bring it up now? Tell us about rotten Democratic apples of today! Be relevant! It show people that Republicans are so damn desperate to get votes; they are willing to take history and try and make it “breaking news!” It is sad and really, really pathetic! Smart people don’t listen to FOX “News” and smart people see through this Republican attempts to smear good people in order to gain a few votes! There is your REAL “SIN!”

      • South Carolina Democrat Senator Ernest Hollings put up the confederate flag over the South Carolina state house when he was governor.

        Clearly anybody who believes so strongly in the democrat party when faced with their history of racism and just ignore it and say it’s republicans doesn’t care about the truth. They are animated and motivated by their mystical hatred for conservatives. It’s almost a supernatural hatred. Kinda like people who hate Jews but can’t really understand why.

  2. Great article. I noticed not a single Democrat, Liberal or Progressive has left a comment. When that happens, that means they have nothing to say. It’s hard to debate facts. Keep up the good work

    • You are a total idiot! You need a real education, not propaganda from immoral liars who can’t back up their statements with specific facts, but instead make general statements to be presented as fact. Get an education, you moron!

      • by the way you spew vitriol you must be a… um… wait for it….LIBERAL.

  3. Thanks Scotty, it’s amazing to observe.

  4. It always amazes me how right-wingers always make statements without ever providing specific facts to back up their statements. They call Obama a Muslim and say he isn’t an American. They say global warming is not real and is a liberal conspiracy. The call health care reform Socialism. They forget the history of Brown vs. the Board of Education when they claim the majority of Americans opinion supersedes so-called “activist” judges’ rulings on the unconstitutionality of barring gay marriage. Now, they want to claim that Democrats are racists and republicans favor civil rights. I support prison terms for people making such idiotic claims without backing up the facts. This kind of deception is more dangerous than terrorism.

    • always….as opposed to never. I suppose democrats never do what you are accusing republicans of always doing. Spoken like a true liberal. And human babies never have rights unless the mother confers them on the child ny her “choice”.

  5. Well, even if these lies were true, it would prove only one thing: Democrats of old were conservative, while Republicans of old were liberal. Likewise, Democrats today are liberal, while Republicans today are conservative. In other words, Democrats chose what is right and just, while Republicans chose what is not. End of argument.

    • Contrary to the false assertions by Democrats, the racist “Dixiecrats” did not all migrate to the Republican Party. “Dixiecrats” declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican because the Republican Party was know as the party for blacks. Today, some of those “Dixiecrats” continue their political careers as Democrats, including Robert Byrd, who is well known for having been a “Keagle” in the Ku Klux Klan.

      Another former “Dixiecrat” is former Democrat Sen. Ernest Hollings, who put up the Confederate flag over the state Capitol when he was the governor of South Carolina. There was no public outcry when Democrat Sen. Christopher Dodd praised Byrd as someone who would have been “a great senator for any moment,” including the Civil War. Yet Democrats denounced then-Senate GOP leader Trent Lott for his remarks about Sen. Strom Thurmond (R.-S.C.). Thurmond was never in the Ku Klux Klan and defended blacks against lynching and the discriminatory poll taxes imposed on blacks by Democrats. If Byrd and Thurmond were alive during the Civil War, and Byrd had his way, Thurmond would have been lynched.

  6. Great job and compilation!

  7. Coffee 260, obviously you cannot grasp the idea of change; and that a name of a group that has entirely different values today than a group with the same nameas yesterday makes it an entirely different and unique entity. Nor do you (or want to) understand that Blue Dogs and Dixiecrats are Republicans in every sense of the word except name. When you vote Republican and speak at Republican events; that makes you a Republican; no matter the name you work under. It is a well known fact, only you seem to be left in the dark on that issue! It is the core values that make a group! I am a member of the Green Party; but if tomorrow, the Green Party acted like they wanted to destroy the environment and change their values so drastically; I would leave and register as a member of a different party! That is what happened with the Democrats! They changed their core values and the people who are attracted to it are those who admire them. Okay, people in the past who acted under the name Democrat, were bad! They are not the Democrats of today at all! The Democrats rid themselves of the rotten apples and now are the party of equality and civil rights! Republicans have devolved into middle class hating, civil rights abusing monsters who only live to serve the big corporations and themselves! The past lives to serve as a reminder to avoid such hideous behavior in the future to everyone! Thank goodness the Democratic party of today is not that party of the Southern Democrats! I would have nothing to do with them, nor waste my time defending them! It is just too bad that the Republicans are turning into the party that attracts racists and greedy people! Had they stayed on the same course of ecology and preservation of wilderness areas, and civil rights; I might have registered as Republican! But seeing as they have devolved dramatically, and are not even close to who they were in the past; I would rather be hit by a truck crossing the street than call myself a Republican! They are called “The Party of Dirty Tricks” for a reason; because they live up to it every day Karl Rove spins another one for them to follow (or the Kock Brothers!) Okay! You WON, long ago a party calling themselves Democrats, did bad things! Now what? What does that do for you? Do you hate all Gremans because many were Nazis back in World War Two? Hate the Japanses because they invaded Pearl Harbor? Do you hate their relatives who had nothing to do with those events, and abhor what happened? What would it help, and what would be the point? Remember, but don’t hate people who are innocent! That is the same with Democrats! They are NOT the party of the lynch mobs, or civil rights violations; and to keep pointing out as a big accusation today, of something done by NONE of the people today; is ridiculous and only makes you look desperate to smear good people! You are abysmal and awfully small!

    • I have a simple question I bet you never contemplated. Or if you have, simple ignored it because it doesn’t fit in your template. Here it is. If the Dixiecrats and racist democrats all switched to the republican party, why didn’t the republican party suddenly start pushing legislation for, or advocating for repressive policies? Remember, it was Richard Nixon who passed affirmative action. Did he not get the memo that republicans were now the party of segregation and Jim crow laws?

      Or maybe Reagan forgot he was in the Dixiecrats midsts when he extended and expanded the voting rights act.

      One fact you’ll never avoid. Every! Single! Piece! Of! Repressive! And Racist policy ever inacted into law in this country was done by the hands of a democrat. PERIOD!!!

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